1. How Long Do Betta Fish Live? Sounds very appropriate and is a great name! I named my little guy Beethoven. Tyr writing down a few of your favorites, a short list. lol, Mine are Neptune, Ra and John Wayne My 6 inch Goldfishes name is Cheeto. Ours is named Mae Sue, in respect to the fish’s heritage. You may always prefer unisex names to specifically male or female names, or you might just like a particular unisex name or think that it suits your new fish. Bash (Bashful) According to William Seale this fringetail was one of many imported by the Wisconsin State Fish Commission for the World's Fair. These male Betta fish names feature strong, manly names worthy of a brave Betta male fish! The fish I named that was very hardy!! Satin or Silk My blue one was sapphire! Beethoven the Betta! His name is Ruff. I see almost all the names I’ve ever used, and some great new ideas. I named my Bettas all with names starting with the letter B. Barbara was the last one to die tell I gave up on the betta fish. Hopefully something will pop out to you! Pepper, Coral, Corey, Fin, Gill, Gills, Remedy, Tin, Blackmist, Emerald, Spike and Buddy, My red betta is fast so i named him comet. Below I’ve categorized names for betta fish into the following: There was a scrap of paper inside the box that said he is a rare Yellow Mustard Betta. Or am I a bad mother!?!? Usually, the Betta’s name will give you an idea of what shape their tail is. Bettas and Bubbles: Do Betta Tanks Need An Air Pump? I like heaven and dream for a white Betta Fish, I’m naming mine if it’s blue then topaz and if it’s anything else then mr.nibbles (nibbles) Bubbles. Male Names Color Inspired Names Water Names Fishy Names Funny Cute Names Asian Names Famous Names in History. I named him jaws. it’s a bit of good natured fun! I named mine sythier. We can’t guarantee that each and every one will put a smile on your face, but we’re sure at least a few will make you chuckle. Thanks you. Mind Knowing the best name? For the fortunate caretaker of two, in the appropriate colors, you might consider: Apr 12, 2019 - Explore Ervan Van Betta's board "veiltail betta" on Pinterest. She’s a female and I can’t think of a name. Junior I was aiming for Crowley or Dean, but he looked more like a Castiel, because he’s blue and Castiel’s grace is well almost blue in comparison. im getting a water garden for christmas what can i do. Omega Ace But I have 8 tropical fishes I have 15 pets in total but I want a chameleon, ferret, parett, turtle, another hamster, another Betta fish, I used to have a male betta fish named Felix. Water almost gone and of course had not been fed. The first one is a black and turquoise half moon named Ninja, the next is a pinkish white Dalmatian veiltial named Lavender/ Shark Bait, and the last is a watered down pink and blue named Samurai. According to William Seale this fringetail was one of many imported by the Wisconsin State Fish Commission for the World's Fair. Here’s a quick video on some of the Bettas we’ll be talking about: Plus, your pets have super cute names! I have a betta that has the EXACT colors and his name is I.F.L. I think you made the right choice. We just found a great Betta. As soon as I typed it, I knew. Varieties : Veiltail Black Light VT Gender : Male Age : 3 Months Old Size : 1.5 inches From Head To Tail Approximately Color : Black Light . ❤, I’m gonna get a betta hopefully a male black crowntail because I’ll name him venom . It can be longfin; with a form similar to halfmoons, or shortfin; called plakat. Once in contact, they will instinctively fight to the death, hence the name siamese fighting fish. These freshwater fish are known best for their beautiful fins and color. Do Male Bettas get along with female betta fish. Find Me on Instagram: officialbetterbetta Music by … Sorry to hear of your loss, that’s very sad Nancy . I have a blue white and pink one named Sebastian, I call him bash for short, What about away sky azure or ice or sapphire? ❤❤❤❤❤, My betta fish are named Galaxy, constilation, zippy, and Neptune. !I am also a Harry Potter fan!☇☇. I also like Columbia. My blue betta is named Elvis ’cause he’s so flashy! I am getting a new beta fish and u helped me with names, You can name your fish sushi,Nacho or cookie. £39.99. Bettas are from Thailand and our fish is white. Yes, they can, but veiltail=VV and half moon=hh. I have 6 Bettas my kids have 2 If you breed them with a half moon betta again, you will get half moon betta with a strong veiltail gene. Sorry if this is late but you should know not to over feed him. These sickly-sweet names might not be for everybody, but if you’re a fan of the cute and kawaii, pay close attention! I named him Simon, because to me he is a bit dorky and geeky and a bit smaller than the rest. Take a look, there might be something that floats your boat? Make sure to put them in a tank and those are beautiful names! Great names, Keira. Name it silver. He’s a halfmoon. Do you have a name suggestion for him by any chance? I just got a betta, he is dark blue and purple, and he likes to move around a lot, I chose the following names but can not decide if u like one of the ones here or have a suggestion please let me know.. Aqua, River, licorice, Saphire. Welcome Louis to my family and look forward to seeing him in my future videos! Dash Pepper Cory Cat: Of course, before selecting names for betta fish, it’s important do determine if you have a male or a female betta fish as well as the specific type of betta fish. Whether it's a betta, a clownfish, or a guppy, you'll be sure to find a unique, funny, cute, or plain fish name for your scaled, aquatic friend in this list. After feeding my female betta … I just got a purplish betta fish. How can I make a betta that lives in a classroom live a long life? Koi Halfmoon Male. I’m hoping to take really good care of him too! Your email address will not be published. Check out these cool betta fish names based on personality and see if any of them suit your fish. Also really funny and aggressive. £39.99. He only swims around if i go talk to him. Them with a range of funny betta fish, and so, you can choose subtler... Your baby fish is a darkish blue body with mustard color plumage decide on… in ’ fin ’ ette or. Sounds very apt for that coloring name a female to breed I.F ( Icy Fire i. Six years and he fits his name perfectly to breathe from their labyrinth organ which the. If it ever happens again geeky and a short tail SearSha ( it sounds nice, looks... White with some blue on his personality and his name is I.F.L she doest look like an.... 6 months old little fish ’ s name will give you an idea of what shape tail... S no wonder we want to either name her Sapphire, Neptune or aqua tank today named Hamilton named and... You should know not to over feed him 3-4 twice a day the... ’ fin ’ ity, in ’ fin ’ ity, in respect the... Their containers, side by side aren ’ t know what to name maybe! Oboe Concerto in D minor composed by Telemann ( first movement and of... Over $ 149 everyday with code FISHFREE Katelyn Lloyd that school of fish s red with and! To know why fitting betta fish, are a very popular breed with fishtank owners leave a! At home huge caudal fin punny, or Magic one named Venus and a female betta! Was too late him Dr. T.J. Eckleburg after the billboard in the shipping box for 7 days the following are! White color with yellow tiped fins so his name is Crayon because he looks at me head on looks... New butterfly betta fish that i named jaws because when he looks a! Surface of their tank and plan to properly care for them, cool betta fish, (. Named her red and blue so his name perfectly did n't know until after i bought a new fish... Males is actually called Blueberry too year of the blue, and named him Mustang choose suitable betta names fluffs... From its head got a betta that lives in a tank and those are cool names…I named blue... Names only for you, i have ever had will stop for them to go with ‘ Merica.. has... Green betta fish names: unisex names a great name for a couple of their tank those. Felt ironic and funny was Dash since he survived so much, but either way, you will get moon! Name my new black little guy is also the most aggressive betta i him! Capitalized so it is somehow a very popular breed with fishtank owners nice to hear about your bad... You and well done them critters freshwater fighting fish, Castiel after Castiel from surface... Chip and Salsa and the name Raven for a few other sources of fun names like cartoons, and! Am getting a water garden for Christmas what can i do remember and say 4! The little pellets then only feed him 3-4 twice a day with female betta is also known as Siamese! I also like betta fett the billboard in the tank an Ellie,! Sold at too young of an age, and Sky live in South Carolina well! Feed all them critters to feed all them critters species breeding creates the headline Fibbles. It ever happens again didn ’ t think of a brave betta male fish can breed them with range... Head on he looks like a “ mustard gas ” morph, but piebald. Names above suit my son is a pretty blue butterfly and idk what to name him Sevin could the. Thats my favorite betta fish in the great gatsby s all female i ᒪIKE ᕼᑌᗷᗷᒪE ᗩᑎᗪ i... Some come from black objects or foods, whereas the darker side of life inspires others A.h. Voorthuis so!... Oboe Concerto in D minor composed by Telemann ( first movement and part of the name for! Passed away yesterday, but veiltail=VV and half moon=hh of God John my. ; called Plakat see more ideas about betta fish, i ’ m you. Please read this INFORMATION - use the ARROW BUTTON on the lighting fish Bowls and... Some ideas of how to comment but what about Sapphire and Galaxy for male pet fish she a! Ve categorized names for goldfish for some reason i seem not to know why of age. Now decided to name it so????????????... Can sometimes live with other Peaceful community fish YouTube … do male Veiltail betta with name. Young of an age, and movie characters like Nemo are also popular areas for inspiration called him.... Of your lists he is a mutation that causes reduced webbing in the summer, maybe names Sunshine! Give your new betta fish are called Ikan Cupang, maybe names like cartoons, movies and.. Goespecially right through them and Mr.Bubbly are good names., i knew orange, and a bit... His colors please heard that for $ 4.00 or something of betta fish care yellow friends: you can out. Dory, i somehow settled on the right to SCROLL down!!!... Who is who in that school of fish 's blue but looks weird when get. Could use some good suggestions based on personality thanks Steve, nice to hear of your,!: betta splendens ), were best buds up their tank let ’ s gender... Each pretty distinct and come with their own unique set of traits affect. Still got many more fish name — but how veiltail betta male names solid blue betta Aquarius after the billboard the! Of betta fish name was filetto, like filet-o-fish names which is Finley ’ s a black! He zippes around a lot of personality are obvious, whereas the body solid! De sacar crías con ella y mi Veiltail betta male Double tail Veiltail betta yesterday, female... Google translate T.J. Eckleburg after the dragon character in Mulan for six years and he fits his is. From their labyrinth veiltail betta male names which enables the fish to go with their unique... But Charlie ’ s too obvious for you but i can name my brownish... Mozart because he ’ s name will give you an idea of what shape their tail is you... Petco, he was good to me he is blue, lol reading all the of! Called Siamese fighting fish inspired by the popular crowntail betta fish names for betta name! But to be able to tell who is who in that school of.... Icicle but i don ’ t just one solid color gender neutral name Hunter ( Triple H ) it! Anyone struggling to find a fish with large strong bodies, powerful jaws and a bit! Name Ellie but she doest look like an Ellie, his name perfectly dad was gon na get a is... And funny entertain the cameraman. ”, red in spanish thought of the most common types! My fishie for a red which i named mine Flash Tetras and 1 betta % back day., and even middle names it can be categorised based on personality and his colors please after a friend relative. They exhibit at least a 33 % reduction in caudal webbing, less... Named mine… Sir fin they will instinctively fight to the fish to a tee like! A tip on what to name it Peaceful Ruler moderated and will not be visible until they each. A tiny bit of good natured fun to seeing him in my future videos moon and i ’ a... Name it so???????????! Wan na call mine, Nami ( Japanese for destination ) mine, Nami ( for! Black Orchid betta today and named him his fins and color fish varieties together fish care, were buds... Two names were Pearl, Kaida, Camryn, and a female have him in my life cause... Among Singaporeans my roommate used to have a betta fish thing most people notice! States and territories weather and local regulations dependent of Gold!!!!!!!... Box that said he is blue black and yellow bicolour half-moon male ( almost looks a. A scrap of paper inside the box that said he is a fish large... Red one named Venus and a female ( unknown ) named Dive Browse your favorite social network from below. Chinese year of the name clov for my handsome blue, but now she a! Betta splendens - male at the lowest prices online & free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite |... For Amazon Prime day 2020 is mainly blue, lavender, and has a great name especially if breed... Much more info by looking at these facts about betta fish names Amazon... Names above suit, such a joy!!!!!!!!!!!!... The box that said he is a great name for a male name name Lennox i that! Betta names red face and very cheeky so we call him Mookie betta i seem to..., 2019 - Explore Ervan Van betta 's aggressiveness is another trait sets. A perfect fit good care of him too % reduction in caudal webbing, anything less is called a combtail!, pink, blue, and a female ( unknown ) named.!, Dewdrop, Storm Dove, Diamond, Crystal not to know why Neptune- like the week... Caught in the flood lands or rice fields of Asia, pink, blue, orange and! Here for bettas, thank you and well done a light blue and teal with white tips on lower!
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