... To Change date to 25DEC for segment number 3 . explanation of amadeus access levels... 10 status code seen at sell time 12 flight information 12 minimum connecting time 12 display connection points 13 segment sell 13 mandatory pnr elements 14 name element 14 phone field 14 ticketing arrangement 14. advantage 2 gprot05/jan14/ver7 reference 15 You use the GK status code to enter a confirmed ghost segment or GL for a waitlisted ghost segment. This list may have had codes added since it was posted. Have canceled (tty sent from ARS to GDS) IN. Insert OPEN segment . Have waitlisted (on waiting list) HN. For example, non-billable status codes include AMADEUS - GK, APOLLO - BK, SABRE - YK and WORLDSPAN - use a TVL Air Segment. Amadeus Clue Card PNR Pricing HE FXP HE FXB Long Sell Passive / Ghost HE PK HE GK Issued 6 September 2002 Customer Support Centre Australia Œ Phone: 1300 363 651 Fax: (02) 9903 3999 Email: [email protected] New Zealand Œ Phone 0800 939 009 Fax: (09) 978 4488 Email: [email protected]  FQD display is for information purpose only and should not be used … CM1/CD-12345 to add company CD# CM3/ARR-7A to change arrival time ... To add times to YK/GK air segment in PNR .2GK725A1045A. Create. Have sold and inventory for segment specified . HL. MK. ... 0GK. If you book this, the booking will be done directly with the airline via a 3rd party, not in Amadeus, though you should see a GK segment. You need to end the PNR with 6 received and ER manually Action buttons: 1. Close PNR - will create several formats, see Appendix B, and a window will pop up: Amadeus Form of Identification 3 Terms. Five Mandatory Elements to create a PNR on Amadeus system (STEPS TO CREAT PNR) STEP NO . XiuqiCai. Follow-up Items After Conversions. top of page #amadeus #crs #gds #airline GL. See HELP ACTION CODE. As of December 2010, over 90,000 travel agencies worldwide use the Amadeus system and 58,000 airline sales offices use it as their internal sales and reservations system. Hi Send an OSI with TCP (to complete party of) in both record locators . Amadeus Code. If a TVL Segment is needed in the divided PNR, it must be re-entered. Certaines compagnies sont averties de votre segment passif. SO EK M DXBKWI or SO EK M 23DEC DXBKWI or SO YY F DXBKWI . 1 . The options are added as part of the Car Sell entry. It depends on what you mean. Hello Jaime This result is coming from an aggregator, while earlier, Ryanair was integrated as a light ticketing carrier. Please be aware that adding some Sell Options can result in a change of rate. Il apparaît avec le statut confirmé sur l’itinéraire en ligne Sabre® Virtually There™. MANDATORY ELEMENTS . 8 OSI 6X FQTV1-6X1234567AB . AMADEUS ENTRIES . ... Amadeus Other/Optional PNR Elements 9 Terms. To modify an already confirmed car, the entry is CM (Car Modify) CM1 = Car Modify Segment 1. Worldspan Code. Always pass passenger contact details such as phone/mobile so that the Airline contact the passenger in case the flight is delayed/disrupted. Sell Segment Modifications (Segment #1) Change Pick Up 2/DT-12DEC Change Drop Off Date 2/DD-17DEC Change/Add Optional Field 2/CD-99999 Change Vehicle Type 2/VT-SCAR Change Drop Off Time 2/RT-8A Add / SI - field 2/SI-PREFERS FORD Delete Optional Field 2/SI- Optional Sell Fields /ID- Hertz #1 Club Number Segment Sell - SS Sell 2 seats in V-cls on line 4 of Availability: SS 2V4 Sell 2 seats in J-cls leg 1 and F-cls leg 2 of line 3: SS 2JF 3 Long sell : SS QR001B15MARDOHLHR NN2 Sell In-bound and Out-bound Display : SS 2V1*V13 Dead Segment as OK Status for Issue Tickets: SS QR001B15MARDOHLHR GK2 /QR Dead Segment as WL Status for Issue Tickets BK. Go – will create the booking. Desire segment (open segment) GK. = Amadeus Cars Easy Shopper These options are used to add information to the Car segment of a PNR. The system will cancel the segment. HS. HK. The TVL Segment(s) remain with the original PNR. How do you split married segments in Amadeus? Memo Segment. For a full list of the SSR codes, refer to the Amadeus Help pages HE SR and HE SR > GPSR4 To enter an SSR element that does not require freeflow text, enter SR followed by the 4-letter service code. Si la réservation n’existe pas dans leur système, elles refusent le segment GK et le transforment en NO. Have requested . Auxiliary segments or non-billable status codes should be used to produce invoices and itineraries or for administrative or accounting purposes. The information is never sent to the relevant airline. CM1/ID-12345 to add pax ID# CM2/CT-SCAR to change car type. Search. Waitlisted manually, no teletype sent . Holds confirmed .  Verify Validating carrier and the corresponding YQ/YR taxes in case of Multi-Carrier Itineraries. HX. 3. When trying to add passive (PK) or ghost (GK) segments; Possible cause: In a seat map entry, the class of service in your command may be incorrect; In a sell entry, the class of service may not have been loaded; When selling a dual class of service, Amadeus only accepts one character when selling a class of service. Start studying Sabre Sell An Air Segment. To create an OSI element, enter OS and the 2-letter code of the airline you want to send the message to. Instead you can create PNRs with GK segment or use the Amadeus pricing by FQP entry. Description. Un segment GK peut être tarifé et servir à l’émission tout comme un segment HK. Amadeus CRS is the largest GDS provider in the worldwide travel and tourism industry, with an estimated market share of 37% in 2009. Amadeus news – GGAmaUSNEWS Amadeus website http://amadeusvista.com American Express phone # 800-THE CARD Arunk SIARNK In FQP format the arunk is found with --- (3 dashes) Association – (see page 4-23) to associate OSI or SSR to segment # 9/P2S4 To delete 73//S Availability – see also Schedule Display and Time Table 2/(CHD) ... GK - GHOST SEGMENT (FOR PRICING ONLY) SPLIT OR DEVIDE AMADEUS … get a pop up window to confirm the action. Guaranteed or group booking code OA only . Accept – must use to claim the booking for Claim It PNRs. Amadeus Advanced Manual_v2 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. GK. "GK" segment is essentially used for pricing or itinerary information. Sabre warned its U.S. subscribers to stop abusing the vendor’s services by the improper use of passive segments. segment open דעי הקלחמ יביטקיפ תרבח ךיראת הפועת Waitlisting הנתמה תמישרב תומוקמ תיינק Amadeus Selling Platform Classic )דלוקושה ךותב( יטמוטוא ןפואב עוציבל רדגות וז … MK. Procedure to divorce married segments, and to marry segments. Either cancel and re-enter the TVL Segment(s) in the original PNR to indicate the appropriate number of services, or use the Reduce Auxiliary Segment entry to change the number of services. Memo Segment.
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