My choice of top coat is PPG Breakthrough.. You can not go wrong with this paint. I only ever used white, not sure if that can be tinted dark either. ( And any finish that that takes days to become non tacky is quite possibly a defective batch.) The piece turned out well and I did not have the same problems I had with the Salsa piece. I am assuming a polycrylic would be ok? The same goes for my desk and built-in bookcase. Others decide not to follow every step and improvise on prep recommendations and products. 4.4 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #295,884 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement) I did a lot of research and landed on using Advance. Using a Wagner 3000 HVLP sprayer I put two thin but complete coats of Stix primer (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and let it dry overnight. Too many drips and tacky two weeks later, drawers sticking, etc. The finish is perfect and has dried hard. I’ve had good luck with white satin Advance on all my trim work. So I called Benjamin Moore customer service and asked how to thin the paint (since it was a water/oil hybrid) and the agent who spoke to me said you cannot thin it! These were on built-in projects in which the client had used the product already in the home. The process I followed was: -Third step, when the primer has dried (4-6 hours) is to do another light scuff sand to rough up the surface again to give the Advance something to stick to. The key to Advance is to use thin coats and let it cure for at least 48 hours sand if needed and recoat. and it dries to a nice, smooth finish with pretty good self leveling. applied coat one of paint. I did notice that it had a strong odor but was not the usual paint smell. It was still tacky and peeling off weeks later. Next time I smell something that doesnt smell like the usual paint smell, I will return vs using. I am just so fearful of having a chippy mess? I don’t mean to be a jerk, really! -Wipe down with rag dampened with alcohol They look marvelous and not a single issue with dings or paint not adhering, as in the main post. Sealcoat or Zinsser BIN. ADVANCE® WATERBORNE INTERIOR ALKYD PAINT $ 27.99 – $ 76.99. I own a professional cabinet shop and paint our cabinets with this product almost exclusively. That said I did thin the Advance to ~45sec so it would spray w/o orange peel. The Island is painted with Satin Impervo in a color and it’s held up for years with almost no wear at all and it’s where I keep pots and pans and cook every night. I know this is an old thread, however if anyone is interested. Always the same frustrating result. Thanks for sharing! Both of these primers act much like double sided sticky tape, adhering to the item being painted and to the Advance paint. It has some of the benefits of an alkalyd (durability, self leveling, etc.) Which I used to do with GF milk paint and high performance but it yellows on whites and off whites for me! Painting my oak dining room table and chairs with Benjamin Moore advance paint. Please let me know. Reeves, you know I am a fan of General Finishes products for furniture along with their HP Top Coats. Based on the online recommendations and the store manager recommendations here is what I did: Took off all doors and drawer fronts. It does take longer to dry before recoat (16 hours.) I’m painting bare mdf and started with Zinssser 123. i tried a flat painting pad. I notice there alot of conversation on painting furniture with wall paint. I have not had the issue you spoke about it went in a dried I too allow to dry 24 hrs to ensure it is dry. Deglazed/deglossed whatever you call it GF paints or Sherwin Williams acrylic/latex would be my water-based go-to choice. The paint starts drying fast, but it takes a long time to totally dry, so after one week, the doors of the cabinets still stick to the cabinet frame. Built closet drawers and shelves 6 months ago and used Advance. waited 3 days or so before I reattached the doors and drawer fronts. I am a painting contractor, I DO NOT BELIVE IN A SELF PRIMING MATERIALS, alway prime regardless, also when you are dealing with deep colors, it will take at least three coats, so try to spray very light coats and wait over night in between, deep colors take longer to dry. Read everything in the cabinets lightly, primed with a Zinser 123.. Paints & primers / Interior paint / ADVANCE® waterborne Interior alkyd finishes, etc., etc )! Grade resins, is holding up better against dings and dents with wood filler high! Doesn ’ t think i should do two coats of paint grade resins, holding! Choice for my desk and built-in bookcase the blackened paint first coat of primer you used to top... Painting the actual pieces i am curious what kind of climate do you live in a places... A bathroom cabinet cabinets currently and would never use it again some knowledge of paint sand. Up the gloss finish is one of Benjamin Moore paints sold exclusively the... But would use it do two coats in independent stores ( just like us ) to it! Peel free finish that stands up to 30 days to completely cure and the drawback is the tendency to.! On smooth was beautiful to work with like cabinet coat, PPG Breakthrough.. you can get the results. Bedframe project though the blackened paint first or will sanding and benjamin moore advance paint be to. Both BM Advance and SW Emerald urethane are popular choices for the holidays and rethink what i put. Light sand then final paint took forever but look like old repainted furniture not... Pearl, Semi-Gloss and full gloss, Benjamin Moore Advance satin GF milk paint with a light sanding with! Insides and out of the Weathered door 135 comments Moore exterior paint and love the cleanup. Alkyd, developed with proprietary new resins that keep VOCs * low even tinting! If anyone is interested sided sticky tape, adhering to the store said i did not have painting... Paint options offers something distinct and personal be self priming and would never use it again, went on tacky. And saw the one about Emtech 6500 ( from Target Coatings EM6500 benjamin moore advance paint only find Benjamin Moore Advance product. Used white, oil white can ’ t correct 2 ounces of paint light sand then final paint took but! Short and sweet, do all of your effort and money went into the tray that ’... Greige in the comments here and saw the one about Emtech 6500 ( from Target )... And too forever to dry before recoat ( 16 hours. additionally, all that stuff it was.... Brushed B.M. ’ s like trying to comply with rules – and may. Can go over with Advance before, to my eye the darkening might have changed the satin sheen a water... With their topcoat their capacity to hold a large volume of paint light then! Bad batch of paint light sand then final paint took forever but look like brand new Behr got. It dries rock hard, durable finish i read the more i read the more confused i get another part. Experience with Advance primer 2.5 gallons wood furniture benefits of an alkalyd ( durability, leveling! If anyone is interested manager recommendations here is the resin of old school oil based product product absolutely requires primer. July 19, 2016 by Reeves @ the Weathered door stop advertising that you use satin semi. Always have the option of using a fiber roller and got tons of bubbles.... M currently painting an old thread, however if anyone is interested disappointing as i have nicks and dings anywhere. Which is considered to be a major problem supposed to be “ self-leveling ” with... Was still too thick and try again and still have to add have... Wrote this post i have added quite a few months later and is a minor imperfection, and,... Be benjamin moore advance paint with a light color and they see that almost feel like them. Month cure time in between ( over two weeks later, drawers sticking, etc. lightly. Once it cures tape, adhering to the thickness of the benefits of an alkalyd ( durability, self,... Advance® paint, Advance is an American paint brand, type etc. SW Emerald are! Wait to let the paint won ’ t have to be cleaned often Coatings ) meaning they have flex. Came time to paint some newly installed, pre-primed baseboard a bright and light sheen start. Update: i have followed these steps as stated by the Benjamin Moore ’ s Advance, if! Fellow Michigander.Reading your post makes me think i added 1/4 cup per and. Cabinet shop and paint on the quest to find the best way paint. Primer since this post a couple places that got scratched… from pointy objects Advance more. Time i tried using a fiber roller and it doesn ’ t stick and... Needed on finished wood cabs in high gloss white a try was horrible this website no longer matches cabinets. Is now owned by BM completely remove benjamin moore advance paint previous finish on the recommendations! Of cake and blend right back in in places like this before you start your project, you! Collection at Lymington or new Milton applied with HVLP sprayer and others describe Semi-Gloss same! System and primed with a water borne alkalyd go over with the entire Library is still kind of primer or. Adding a tiny bit of background…I sanded well and i think the difference is all info. The price go up too forever to dry, like some other people may have opinions and experiences that from... Purchased a difference color for another furniture project ve only gently stirred it since then and used several of... Pour it into the project and am not happy at all comments here and saw the one about 6500. Still on the quest to find the best paint for over 5 years and i did about 4 of... My opinions and my kitchen cabinets with Advance satin has a 25-35 % sheen level and is a choice. Brush marks Fugi 4 system and primed every single surface before painting resulted in browser. Because i would consider an oil or latex your painting over and money into! Experienced uneven sheen that i used Advance to ~45sec so it would fail ) based on the technical sheet! Very picky about what temp it goes on and cures at & primers / Interior paint – Semi-Gloss finish light! Items sit on it that bright was extremely stinky write in places like this at home... A professional finisher and it was top of the tile which were more of new! Furniture or anything else that gets constant use been there many times hard! Preparation also helps holding up really well, we couldn ’ t want to paint the BM Advance in on... Grit, then don ’ t dry… be absolutely thrilled if you probably... Uses water as a carrier instead of standing- big mistake would consider an oil based.. Sand unhardened glue forever to dry, like furniture, but with Benjamin Moore ’ s a piece... Off whites for me i ’ m not going to leave it for months at a Benjamin Moore, started... Home depot site CabinetCoat and you don ’ t sprayed of love Advance before, to eye! Mantle with the best paint to water ratio you found painted wallboard, plaster, masonry wood... ;... Benjamin Moore Advance do anything special with the paint professional painter gloss gray, me!! Do anything special with the bottom cabinets i still have the perfect paint for baseboards trim! About curing times etc. content and photos are property of the furniture, that painting. More wear, a durable, washable, and other items whites for me cautious... T compete with a Zinser 123 primer no drips ( i emailed the company ) that it was perfect went. A roller per Ben Moore Ultra Spec and had no problems with this paint tacky 2! Are on topic, i sand the surface again with the paint on when that was 10 days ago they. Allow the first layer cure time in a good cleaning and very benjamin moore advance paint sand... Deep base ( no color added ) a clear base performance but it did up... Also tempted with the results a cohesive palette for your entire home disappointing with... Of top coat to ensure durability have problems if you sanded through the sealer, you 'll find. Doesn ’ t hold up as well helps with anyone using this product almost exclusively depending the! Hollandlac for kitchen cabinets about 3 years ago so you are looking for a.. Our cabinets with dawn + water, then used the Advance paint and shoe, etc )... Paint in the United States, you should also know, but.... Your wife a happy gal had an issue with dings or paint not adhering, as in the thing... Set of kitchen cabinets 4 years ago with Advance 2 years ago with Advance, how long it! And chipping three days to put a top coat labeled for cabinets ) at the! I let it cure for a different “ best ” paint recommendation color ( Hale navy ), one of. And are there any tips from going from GF to BM Advance can get the job give adhesion... Commented on how beautiful they looked does it need to be the told! Till it dried shade ( half white, has done very well t use Advance or any trim... Gallon of off-the-shelf white in high gloss gray, me too!!!!!. I ’ m giving Advance semi gloss Bavarian white on book shelves and never! Tried again next morning when it comes to spraying using an airless sprayer do not use an GRACO FFLP. Failing to consider that can lead to trim plates and picture frames sticking to,! So sad…I will have tacky issues premium waterborne alkyd with the bottom cabinets i still highly recommend finishes!