The Unexpectables Funniest Moments - City of Secrets. It is filled with creepy crawlies, spooky ookies, and worst of all, very, very moist. There is a 5 month time skip from the end of the previous arc to this new one due to inter-planar time distortion shenanigans. Whose daughter is this? Please refer to the S-Series One-Shot page for more detail. They have since assisted Remus Corbeau in delivering a pressing message to Aila Balton, foiled the machinations of a were-rat cult alongside Captain Doros, recovered a missing fugitive, rescued the Cast of the Phantom and the Solder from the Bladefoot Pirates, volunteered at Eve's Meadow Academy, cleared a soap shop of its boggle infestation, rescued the kidnapped Cynthia, and agreed to assist the Conjurer's Corner in acquiring an important magical item. The party does a favor for their new boss, Solly, by taking a long teleport to Panic's homeland, Tracadia to locate a reluctant agent of Solar. Now the party must seek out special ingredients to save the elemental planes from four mighty oni armies. Just a little thing I'm rather proud of, for The Unexpectables. Also featuring Seika, played by Mark Allen Jr. TheUnexpectables Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Can Task overcome a dark fate with the help of friends new and old? Solly Wanted to Go There / Sound And Fury Signifying Everything, fanart by @ForteSP89. However, soon a gruesome series of murders lands, literally, at the party's feet. It takes place on the continent of Alivast in and around Balton Village shortly before the main campaign begins. Fan art by @SirMalervik. Adventure Arcs are primarily plot driven. For the 100th stream, fans were allowed to vote for either a beach episode which would be canon, but not in chronological sequence (fitting in continuity before Episode 91) or a six-hour-long double episode. For stream episodes 13-78 subtract 12 to get the podcast number. Featuring guest characters Aussir, Ghost, Snowflower, and Valcenien. See more ideas about dungeons and dragons, dnd funny, d&d. The setting of the game is the mysterious land of Alivast, a relatively … Starring @KuuEater as Cliff, @Clown_Depot as Pardner Salem, @PaperBoxHouse as Vladimir, and @EdBoscoVA guest starring as Remy. • Posted by. See more ideas about dungeons and dragons, dnd funny, d&d. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Anje speaks in Firbolg Druidic; a language that sounds like Giant and Druidic's grandfather. The party returns from their long expedition to find the city gripped by terror as fanatics devoted to the recreation of the old Eltmur Empire have stepped up their attacks. Special guest - Remus Corbeau. See more ideas about Dungeons and dragons, Dnd funny, Dnd. You can almost hear Task's desire to kill that skywhale. ~ Panic Panic is generally calm and collected, but his music is nothing short of heavy and metal. Beware the wedding cake. Chehalem blatantly campaigned for the beach episode with the argument that it would create fanservice opportunities, and it handily won the vote. This article is meant to help new listeners explore past episodes, as well as help give context to the current story. Notable in their evidence was the recovery of swords belonging to Alivast-based captains who had gone missing over past months and the presentation of a prisoner of war, Leonel. @EdBoscoVA as Flinch, Lyric's imp familiar and her trusted friend. In these difficult times, unexpectable events can take everyone by surprise. The total cost was 2,653 gold pieces, paid out of pocket by Task. Base of Operations An opportunity walks in the door in the form of a nobleman with a pouch full of gold and a politically sensitive mission - find a lost son of the Silver King. The Expendables is a 2010 action film directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone. Fan made teaser animatic for the City of Secrets arc by @CitricKing. New arrivals in Alivast, four strangers pool their resources and catch the eye of an influential figure after completing a local mission to take care of some wolves harassing a local farmer. Greckles Birdman, a grackle kenku master of stealth and cunning, 3. Leader She doesn't forget anything. The first, Strife in the Sharpwoods, aired when Chris Zito (@CZBacklash) was attending a convention, and the second, The Long Quest Goodnight, corresponded with him taking time off to celebrate being one year closer to his inevitable demise due to the ravages of aging. Digsby, short for Digsbert (though his mates call him Digs),,,, @TravisCareyPro recorded another parody version of the unexpectables using the. The Unexpectables The Unexpectables Hobbies 4.9 • 692 Ratings; Listen on Apple Podcasts. The crew gets a well-deserved break and catches up with everything that happened while they were out of the dimension. The Unexpectables and friend Remy are intent on making sure that Willow's special day goes off without any problems, especially any caused by one bitter old man. The three Shadow War one-shots were DM'ed by Edward Bosco (@EdBoscoVA) in a campaign world he has played in for 5 years. English [] Etymology []. The three one-shots were planned only as filler and not a replacement campaign and have no connection to the The Unexpectables or other one-off games on this site. The City of Alivast... IS UNDER ATTACK! The Monster's Father fan art by @ForteSp89. Watch all of TheUnexpectables's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch. A summer festival is a time to unwind and eat some noodles. DM (Dungeon Memelord) 1 month ago. Special guest star Remy in Episodes 54-55 / Podcasts 42-43. It airs every Wednesday at 7 PM Pacific Time (Vancouver, Canada) at and is also available in … A night at the opera is interrupted by air pirates! When he has no luck finding a mouse in the house, he goes outside and finds a little mouse, who agrees to the same mouse that Sylvester will catch over and over again, only because he wants to be rough… Panic prefers to defuse situations through discussion or distraction, and if that doesn't work, … A one-shot adventure that is completely removed from the present continuity in an original setting created by @MontyGlu. They find a land filled with danger, mystery, and learn about the history of Alivast both recent and ancient. ~ Panic "Do you know how to kill yourself with a dragon? Best … While the gang is enjoying a relaxing sea cruise, an art exhibit in Alivast holds a sinister secret. save. But also a time of celebration to honor their memory. The Unexpectables is a weekly Actual Play role playing series hosted by Curtis "Takahata 101" Arnott on Twitch using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The first episodes started in early summer, so Year 1 began at the start of that summer. A nightmare from Task's past resurfaces and the team has to race against time to find a way to stop this new threat. The world is populated with a variety of individuals, some friend, some foe. Skycrimes fan art with line art by @Glowing_Sheep and colors by @Spooky_Crown. Not to be expected; unusual or unpredictable. Caught in the midst of a deadly mystery, The Unexpectables soon realize they have only discovered the first layer Alivast's puzzles. 24. A lone survivor tells them of an Ice Faerie that lives on a nearby mountaintop that may have something to do with the situation. While the Unexpectables are deep underground, a group of misfits meet at a tavern called the Sweet Dragon in a desperate attempt to find any work that will let them purchase more than free water. Jan 28, 2018 - Explore steph's board "The Unexpectables" on Pinterest. Mistakes are made and tears shed as the party tries to save a frightened girl, and possibly the world. The campaign follows four guards of Balton Village on a quest to recover the Time Cleaver, a weapon belonging to Oreyara from a raid by Orvar and his clan of Coastal Orcs. These are the recurring antagonists of the campaign. Tarusk speaks, and the first thing he says to Task is "You're home!" The Unexpectables is an adventuring party that operates out of the City of Alivast. The kind of burn vicious mockery can’t give you. Extra-special guest - Cliff (episode 104 only). none In a nightmarish, otherworldly landscape where the slightest whisper will attract hungry monstrosities, the boys and their new mother-figure need to find a way to keep a devil lord alive so a little tiefling girl can still play her tuba. Borky, a savage orc warrior, 2. After being suspended from the Vetrion military, the ex-gryphon rider Remus Corbeau attached himself to the group, joining the founding members on their missions for a time. In the aftermath of the Eclipse, The Unexpectables need to get back home. Find their latest Dungeons & Dragons streams and much more right here. John's wife, Marsha, says they only got the cat to keep away mice, and there hasn't been a mouse around in months. Sylvester desperately looks for a mouse to catch to prove his worth. Posted by 1 month ago. LAUGH at the hi-jinks when the team quickly and repeatedly dupe their captors! The party with Remy in tow are enlisted by a powerful Council member who provides them a new ally/tool for a secret mission to find allies in the northern orc tribes. The party has an amazing bonding experience and varying degrees of success in a sledding competition, but the fun is cut short when they are caught up in a whirlwind of events surrounding their bookish resident mage. Luckily, the boys are joined by a new friend and guide in the form of Rat, played by @JoCat105. Among the damages caused by the confrontation with the United Clergy of Orun were: Injuries to Montgomery Gnomelton, Scarlet Grey, and Havard Mole. Unexpectables OVA - Beach Fanservice Episode. Panic's reunion with his long-lost mother turns into a road-trip through hell in the most literal sense. Fortunately, Remy is there to provide some adult guidance. The party participates in feasting, fight pits, and festive music. , , , The Circle of Friendly Fire (The Unexpectables Animatic), The Circle of Friendly Fire fan animatic by KikiCantDraw, Season 2 Lineup offical art by @StarPyrate, The Unexpectables vs Eldest of Stillhavity fan art by @Ultraous, The Unexpectables Official Season 1 Line-up by @starpyrate, Unexpectables - fan art by leatherpocketwatch, Unexpectables at the Opera fanart by @Spltoon2Xthicc. Seasons in The Unexpectables are not bound by any specific number of episodes, but the break came at a natural break in the story, and often coincided with a seasonal change (Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter, and Winter to Spring) in the game world. It takes place on a remote island where a party of adventurers travel through uncharted lands to deliver medical relief to a peaceful tribe of locals. Mental scarring? Note 1: Stream episodes 1-12 are summarized in podcast #0 because until episode 13, audio was't captured with suitable quality for a podcast. 2 hrs 52 min; Customer Reviews See All. They also get a chance to hang out with Solly and her Angels and Azra Sahar meets her match - Borky's stupidity. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "The only reason god hasn't struck you down is because you amuse him somehow!" While their deeds got little recognition, they broke up the smuggling ring and were able to retrieve important items and Gripples too. The players were Ezekiel_III as Zurgrig the Hobgoblin Paladin, Octopimp as Geoff Hotdish the Dwarf Cleric, ClassyKatie as Carrion Woddle the Kenku Bard, and JesseCox as Sunny the Tortle Druid. in the game world. Weapons fan art by @ThatJacksArt Raunfalt, Remy's rapier, Frost Bane, Copy Cutter, and the Scary Acid Dagger of Stab. The Unexpectables is an adventuring party that operates out of the City of Alivast. ZombieJesus1987 , 2019-10-02. The Wiki Rule: The Unexpectables Wiki, as mentioned in-game. A fantastic adventure coming to a theater near you! Can the party save the day with four entire realities at stake? This one-shot has no relation to The Unexpectables or the world of Alivast. un-+‎ expectableAdjective []. The guild consists of: 1. The party also struggles with one of their greatest challenges - forgiveness. 6. This allowed the characters to get new costumes that took into account items acquired or lost, weather appropriate clothing, and new interests. The more fanciful world won out. Lots of dragons. You didn't? Task, a redscale kobold tracker and arch… Strife in the Sharpwoods official art by @CitricKing. The group also learns a bit about each other and their employees in the relaxed environment. 2 comments. A time of solemn remembrance of those who have passed on. Another special one-shot adventure MontyGlu ran for RollPlay. The bard's family tree is revealed as is the family's responsibility to keep the very essence of music from dying out of the world. Follow the travels and tribulations of Task the Kobold Ranger, Greckles the Kenku Rogue, Panic the Tiefling Bard, and Borky the Orc Barbarian, as they traverse the dangerous and mysterious lands of Alivast, and the Capital City that hosts a bungle of characters, magic and villains. Hijinks ensue. DnD, Comedy, Roleplaying We got it all here at The Unexpectables! What is better - someone who lives a life of security but is a captive of duty, or a life of freedom and uncertainty? 18. The company produces a range of cars and vans, and in the past has manufactured trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches, aircraft and aircraft engines, and autorail vehicles. The film is intended to be an homage to the blockbuster action films of the 1980's and early 1990's. The Sweet Dragon Down and Out in Tracadia fanart by @forteSP89. The Unexpectables return from their frog hunt to a city in celebration. They do manage to find a friendly face. The Unexpectables If you're looking for someone in particular, here's a few categories that might help narrow things down, otherwise there is an alphabetical listing below the portraits. The Unexpectables (and Remy) are guests of honor and a surprise appearance by Digsby makes makes the festival extra special. Oof, sorry bout that. The Unexpectables learn that they live lives that can be considered exceptional, and exceptionally dangerous to those around them. This episode also took place after several months of down time in-game when the city had hunkered down for Alivast's long, hard winter. A horrific secret lies hidden in the town, fortunately the Merkz can't leave well enough alone. Trouble rears its ugly head when they also are reminded that some people are still assholes. See more ideas about Dnd funny, Dungeons and dragons, Fan art. DnD, Comedy, Roleplaying We got it all here at The Unexpectables! They also take care of a lot of chores like cleaning up animals nailed to their front door as a threat. The party party takes on a few odd jobs in town and tie up some loose ends before setting out on an expedition into the unknown frontier West of Alivast to discover a teleportation orb. After this incident, the group has redoubled their efforts to do good for the city. Will their skycrimes be put to an end? Fortunately, a quartet of strangers are able to unravel the mystery of The Curator's Curse! 4.9 out of 5. Takahata101 streams live on Twitch! The first episode of 4 can be found HERE. Back in town and more than a little traumatized by their experiences in Tracadia, the boys get their mail, do some shopping, and prepare for their next task from Solly - trying to find a way to the Underdark. See more ideas about Dungeons and dragons, Dnd funny, Fan art. The Unexpectables begin to ascend a mountain but all Borky can think about is cheese. Greckles's past finally explodes onto the scene when a fiery stranger reveals the kenku's regal and extraplanar heritage. But 50 ghosts are the least of their problems - they have to appear in court, and even though they aren't the one's on trial, with The Unexpectables, there's always the chance they'll end up in jail. By her own account, she was kicked out from her original clutch in the Underdark, possibly … The Unexpectables is a DnD live stream hosted by the 101 club. Along the journey, they are joined by a newfound friend and retainer in Seika played by special guest Mark Allen Jr. who joins in episode 126. The trek to the mountaintop is hazardous, and an unpleasant surprise awaits them at its summit! The Prince Division campaign is run by the DM of the Unexpectables campaign, MontyGlu, and as such is hosted on the same channel, Now, we divide the episodes by season merely as a crude method of timekeeping and a way to conveniently break down the ever-growing list of episodes into smaller sections. share. Before the campaign began, the players were asked if they wanted a more serious, grimdark campaign, or if they wanted a more fanciful world. someone who shares his daddy issues and fabulous good looks,, The Dragon, the Princess, and the Knight in Shining Armor, @Takahata101 as Maximilian "King" Kingston, a washed up human archery champion, @GaijinGoombah as Redwood, a druid who is a World Tree sapling (homebrew race). (again). Fan art by @King_Rule_, Unexpectables Christmas fan art by @JojieSenpai_, Unexpectables-Piece fan art by @KaybleMcDude, The Unexpectables Encounter an Enemy in a Mirror fanart by @ArtFather2. Safely back in Alivast again, the party has a few moments of rest, relaxation, shopping, and a night out at the Romansion with... the police. TheUnexpectables Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. PODCAST LINKS! Guest starring Digsby beginning in Episode 38/Podcast 26 through E46/P34. As reward for their valiant deed, their criminal records have been wiped completely clean. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Classical Tongue: Of a kind. Clerical domains provided here are from an informal list from MontyGlu. unexpectable (comparative more unexpectable, superlative most unexpectable) . Guest starring Remy in Episode 59-62 / Podcast 47-50 and the dramatic sleep-deprived return of Lily in Episodes 60-62 / Podcast 48-50. After airing, each episode is released on YouTube and as a podcast available through iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay. They are notorious in Alivast, for heroic actions in the city's defense, taking on jobs benefiting the community, and also for and creating a public disturbance, destruction of property, assault, grand theft donkey cart, public indecency, resisting arrest, and drifting without a permit. Jan 31, 2019 - Explore Madeline Stringer's board "unexpectables" on Pinterest. First, a stranger with a fiery temper arrives in the city to find Solly. A dazzling world of musicians and artists and the deadly realm of high society and politics. Remus has since been recommissioned as a gryphon rider serving as part of the air patrol over the city itself, although he still hangs out with the group from time to time. The Unexpectables also served as instrumental witnesses in a tribunal case against the United Clergy of Orun that found the Paraton-based organization guilty of war crimes against the city. The Guard needs help cornering these rats, and the party is happy to help. Sort of animatic of The Unexpectables. Starring @KuuEater as Cliff, @Clown_Depot as Pardner Salem, @PaperBoxHouse as Vladimir, and relative unknown @EdBoscoVA guest starring as Remy. Book Dumb: Is extremely simple, but otherwise a fantastic caretaker of creatures. @SenileSnake as Romorn Doomrunner, a centaur paladin from the beastmen tribes. Mystery is afoot as not everything is as it seems in the sleepy fishing village. It's so much fun! Solly's past catches up with her and The Unexpectables are caught up too. The Unexpectables find that there is someplace worse than Tracadia - the Underdark. Note - individual episode summaries are not to be posted. They aided residents of Humbrack Village when they were besieged by an outlaw organization, and they also acted heroically in defense of the city when it was intentionally and "unintentionally" attacked by dragons. 204 comments. Along this journey, they are joined by Remy (with the exception of Ep 125-128/Pc 112-115) as well as a newfound friend in Obby played by special guest Shenpai who joins in Episode 126/Podcast 113 through Episode 133/Podcast 120. Scarlet woke up all the kids at the Liverosea School and they played along as well. Returning to Alivast, The Unexpectables find not all is as they left it and new threats wait on the horizon. They were originally hired and owned by Abacus Fleetfinger, but were recently sold and are currently under the management of Solliandris. The Unexpectables wearing the masks of Lys in the Envoys of the Sun arc. 13.5k points. Story Arc titles are fan-created and where they begin and end can be subjective. Panic Grimtongue, a tiefling musician and lothario, 4. With the group complete with the addition of a pretty boy bard, they deal with some of the most horrific creatures they have ever encountered all to bring home a man who doesn't want to ever see Solly again. Eternal Kingdom movie poster - fan art by leatherpocketwatch. Will the pirates be finally brought to justice? 3 hrs 9 min; SEP 12, 2020; Prince Division 17 - Five-Hundred Needles Prince Division 17 - Five-Hundred Needles. What? Make sure this is what you intended. The gang, Remy, and the Sweet Dragon staff spent a day at the beach. Size Season 2 (Episodes 26- 46/ Podcast 15- 34), Season 3 (Episodes 47- current / Podcast 35- current). Finding themselves cornered and their options dwindling, they go seeking answers in a very uncharacteristic fashion - research. See the aasimar page for info on those divinely influenced individuals. Remy is there too because he has nowhere else to go. Feb 14, 2020 - "We black-scale kobolds are the masters of Necromancy. Word of Dante: The Alivast Oracle, a weekly newspaper produced by the fans featuring stories about the city but usually not involving any main characters. Setting out to the north by sea, another ally is gained in the form of Zenrio, played by Octopimp, who joins the group in Episode 68/Podcast 56. save. @MontyGlu as Lyric, a tiefling warlock with a dark secret and tragic past. Despite being of good character, these individuals have associated with The Unexpectables for short periods of time. This allowed the characters to get new costumes that took into account items acquired or lost, weather appropriate clothing, and new interests. This fat, heavy, pink pigeon was created by Zenrio with the Marvelous Pigments as a … The four players in the campaign were @Takahata101, @LaniPator, @SenileSnake, and @EdBoscoVA. The Merkz, an up and coming new mercenary group are again hard up for funds. The guild consists of: They have formed a guild centered at the Sweet Dragon tavern, which they own. A great, big, friendly face who despite sweet words makes everyone feel just as bad as another dip in the red yuck-water of the Blood Ocean. Borky also learns that he's not the biggest and strongest orc in town. Will we finally figure out Greckles's backstory? Make sure this is what you intended. While on a trek to helping a logging town, The Unexpectables explore a forgotten temple, learn it's a dog-eat-dog world and that you should never tell a demi-god to perform an anatomically impossible act. First Appearance Official Unexpectables Season 3 Lineup by @CitricKing GASP at terror a mile in the sky! Guest characters Rivi and Lily in episode 3. However with the imminent approach of their arch-nemi-swiss on the horizon, can the team find a way to protect Alivast from yet another invasion? These freelancers can be paid in AC, gold, or, regrettably, exposure. A rescue mission is mounted to a mountain where giant trouble awaits and secrets are revealed that chain several fates together, and a deal struck long ago may only be avoided by death. Sylvester's owner, John, is fed up with his laziness. In Alivast, The Unexpectables bask in the rewards of a job well done and their newly opened tavern. Between the wood chopping and giant pumpkin competitions, Panic nearly dies of alcohol poisoning and finds someone who shares his daddy issues and fabulous good looks, Greckles finds his loyalty tested, and Borky must overcome his greatest enemy, his poor judgement, to help Tai Borpington beat a chicken man at cooking. The Time Cleaver was a special one-shot adventure MontyGlu ran as a guest DM for RollPlay. The campaign setting and NPCs were used with permission of their creator, Xanillis Grimm (@xani_grimm) the inclusion of characters created by Edward Bosco and the other players in the original game world being the exception. Hellina explains that she and the Musical Menagerie were playing along with the effort to wake Omnimaw. Sep 29, 2020 - Explore Brianna Morey's board "the unexpectables" on Pinterest. Despite the hardships, they manage to meet one of the last people Panic expected to meet anywhere. The journey takes them deep into enemy territory, as well as deep into the equally hostile psyche of one kobold ranger.