Obtaining [edit | edit source]. A plank is a common Construction item and is used in several quests. Oak plank. Dec-18-2020 10:01:30 AM. 24 Hours Seller. OSRS is the official legacy version of RS, the largest free-to-play MMORPG. Oak plank: 10–20 (noted) Common 5,070–10,140 Teak plank: 5–10 (noted) Common 4,835–9,670 Mahogany plank: 4–8 (noted) Common 8,440–16,880 Compost: 60–80 (noted) Common 1,440–1,920 Gold bar: 8–16 (noted) Common 368–736 Intelligence: … Players can burn these logs using the Firemaking skill at level 15 for 60 experience each. 1.02m - 692k = 328k profit? and get 0 off! It is made from normal logs. RuneScape - Old School-Main OSRS Server. This calculator uses the offical Grand Exchange guide prices to give an estimate of the profitability of making planks at the sawmill and then selling them. Oak logs are logs obtained from cutting oak trees at level 15 Woodcutting and give 37.5 experience points each. 538k. 0 time(s) Delivery speed. Teak planks are made by taking teak logs to the sawmill northeast of Varrock and asking the sawmill operator to convert the logs into planks, at the cost of 500 coins per teak plank. Each plank requires one oak log and 250 coins. Buy 0 Oak Plank. Today's Change - 1 + 0% 1 Month Change - 35 - 8% 3 Month Change - 85 - 17% 6 Month Change - 114 - 22% 3k oak planks * 340 = 1.02m. Offer views. Making oak planks at the sawmill has long been a decent way to make money. A plank of sturdy oak. BUY NOW 1. Corby. Contact me. The Plank Make spell requires level 86 Magic and the completion of Dream Mentor. Offer ends. There is still a cost to convert a plank in addition to the runes to cast the spell: it costs 70% of the coins that the sawmill operator would charge. Nothing ingenious, but very profitable. I made roughly 3k oak planks which should be 692,308ish gp in fees towards mill. Members can also fletch these logs. ... Join us for game discussions, weekly events and skilling competitions! x 4200 Oak Plank. Planks are then used to make POH furniture. Current Guide Price 398. Players can send their servant to the sawmill, but it will still cost the 500 coins per plank. Each plank used while training Construction yields 29 experience. You can adjust the planks per hour to more accurately reflect your speed. The Plank Make spell from the Lunar spellbook may also be used. A plank of sturdy oak. However, this saving is negated by the rune cost of the spell. This is the current OSRS gold per XP for each plank and how much XP each one gives: Regular planks: 29 XP (10.7 rsgp/XP) Oak planks: 60 XP (7.7 rsgp/XP) Teak planks: 90XP (9.3 rsgp/XP) Mahogany planks: 140 XP (14.6 rsgp/XP) Exception include: Mythical cape rack & Legend’s cape rack & more Very low requirement Oldschool Runescape money making guide. 1 Construction 2 Spawns 3 Quests 4 Shops Four different types of logs can be taken to the sawmill operator to be changed to planks for a price (members-only). Units you will buy. Members training Construction can bring oak logs to the Sawmill operator north-east of Varrock to make oak planks at a cost of 250 each. Home > OSRS Items > Bulk Oak Planks Bulk Oak Planks I Want to Sell. It will convert one log that can normally be converted at the sawmill into a plank of the same type. $ 1.35. It costs 6000gp for 26 Oak planks.