In Western Turkey there is a mild Mediterranean climate with average temperatures of 9°C (48.2°F) in winter and 29°C (48-84°F) in summer. Along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, snow is very unlikely. In mountains, it heavily snows which attracts fans of ski tourism. The mountain range is located very close to Lake Van. Thanks, “After all, Turkey is a Muslim country”. The ski area lies between 1800-2500 m and the best season is from December to April. will there be snow in mid April in Uludag (Bursa) ? Visit an array of Turkish winter destinations There is so much more to Turkey than beaches! Edirne In this area of Turkey, south-east of Bulgaria, where the city of Edirne (the ancient Adrianople) is located, the climate is slightly continental: winters are quite cold, with a January average around 3 °C (37.5 °F), and summers are hot, though tempered by the breeze.Here, cold spells with snow and frost may occur in winter as well as heat waves in summer. The climate of the Anatolian Plateau is a steppe climate (there is a … Visit Turkey in December to soak in the most authentic experience ever. 10 Ski Resorts for Chasing Snow. Located in eastern Turkey, it is actually the second highest mountain peak in Turkey. There is a well established expat community in Fethiye who organise lots of events and help newcomers settled into the lifestyle. Uludag: Uludag Ski Resort is the oldest and most popular alpine village in Turkey, situated 36 km away from Bursa province. It's a nice time to visit turkey with kids! This is yet another very important mountain range in Turkey. Answer 1 of 8: Hi , I would be travelling for first time to Istanbul. On the southern coast you will experience the same climate. Thomas Cook recently announced a number of new flights connecting Dalaman Airport (the closest to Fethiye) to the UK during the winter months, further opening up the season and the region. There is a bomb cyclone highway in the northern Atlantic Ocean; enormous amounts of snow have already fallen on Iceland (burying horses) and in Kazakhstan (people had to dig tunnels to reach their homes). Tourists from all around the world come to witness the majestic of Mount Suphan. This stratovolcano mountain has snow-capped peaks. is it safe to visit with 1 year child to Uludag? Thanks. I know that it is already winter in there but I'd like to check whether it is already snowing. However, during wintertime it is still possible to see a variety of green spaces that are evergreen coniferous trees, laurels, and many others. If not, any suggestion where do we have to go (in Turkey) for us to experience a snow. In Central Anatolia and eastern Turkey, there will most probably be some snow, particularly at the higher elevations (although in 2008, global warming seems to have melted the snowcap on the volcanic peak of Mount Erciyes in Cappadocia for the first time in living memory.) Believe it or not, there are plenty interesting, fun things to do in Turkey even during the cold winter months starting from December. Of course this is always an unknown factor what the weather will do, for sure there was snow very early December in 2013 (11th), and I remember also one more year which was my first year in Turkey that had enormous snow early December, that was 13 years ago.. You can go to Flickr and put 3 key words in the search box "snow Istanbul December" and it brings some most beautiful pictures up, It might be a Muslim country but one thing the Turks have got down to a fine art, is that where there is money to be made, they will make it. Ice-ski will be possible? Picture: Haakon Arthun. The weather has gone completely crazy again! Around 2004, Turkey started becoming popular among ex-pats, hence a new business opportunity for … I would like to see a snow and we're visiting Istanbul on Nov 15-20. Winter in Turkey. Erciyes: Located 25 km away from Kayseri province and 80 km away from Cappadocia, Erciyes Ski Resort is one of Turkey's oldest ski resorts. In winter, Turkey has no less interest for tourists. Two strong snow blizzards buried Turkey and Normay in meters of snow. Brief Blast of Snow from Wisconsin to Maine 7 hours ago It will be a snowy Saturday in the upper Midwest, and the snow will move to northern New England Saturday into Sunday.