Vocabulary- Studystacks.com. 2 types: those separated by water, and those separated by other countries. What is devolution? Experiments on new governmental body 3. The splitting of a state due to a difference in ethnicity, linguistics, religion, […] More difficult for people in remote areas to integrate with rest of the state. This is important to HG because it has impacted the world greatly, especially boundaries. In geography, boundaries separate different regions of Earth. FRQ 2 Boundaries have evolved over time in numerous ways around the world. Shapes of States . The tropical monsoon climate, designated by the Köppen climate classification as "Am", is found in the southern part of the country. Political Geography. Ways of conceptualizing territory: From Local To Global -National Political Systems 73: 386334105: Intrafaith boundaries: Boundaries within a single major faith. ... ideological and physical boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War … Semiautonomous definition is - largely self-governing within a larger political or organizational entity. Political geography is the study of how humans have divided up the surface of the Earth for purposes of management and control. Demarcation 4. Maritime Boundary A maritime boundary divides the ocean into areas controlled by different governments or no governments at all. Periphery country: A less-developed, economically poor country. Matching game, word search puzzle, and hangman also available. Neocolonialism definition, the policy of a strong nation in seeking political and economic hegemony over an independent nation or extended geographical area without necessarily reducing the subordinate nation or area to the legal status of a colony. Subject. -A prorupted state is … 55. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. Study 62 AP Human Geography Chapter 8 flashcards from Claire G. on StudyBlue. Political Geography. Description. Nature and Significance of Political Boundaries -Definition of Political Geography . AP Human Geography . A B; Political Geography: the study of the political organizations of the world: state: a politically organized territory with a permanent population, a defined territory, and a government The purpose of this class is, as described by the AP Human Geography Course Description These boundaries define the rights, responsibilities, and interests on the land. Established a boundary includes four steps –1)States define the boundary through a legal document(by listing actual points in the landscape or by using latitude & longitude) –2)Cartographers delimit the boundary … The League laid groundwork for maritime boundaries that helped decades later II. AP Human Geography Vocabulary Apartheid: a legal system that was the physical separation of different races into different geographic areas My definition: separation of people in South Africa based on race Example: There were apartheid laws in South Africa between around 1950 to 1994. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN FOR POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY. Total Cards. AP Human Geography Chapter 8. Internal Division (Ethnocultural, Economic, or Spatial) What is Ethnocultural devolution? Political geography: A branch of geography that studies geographical influences on political systems and power relationships. Interfaith boundaries- the boundaries between the world's major faiths, such as Christianity, Muslim, ... especially a region that is important to a country or to a culture. 5 – 10% of AP Human Geography Exam. Words to know:-A state is separated from it's neighbors by a boundary.-A boundary is an invisible line marking the extent of a states territory.-A compact state is a state that's distance from the center to any boundary does not vary significantly.