Your fingers are constantly touching wood and strings. They are easy to use and often come with a piece of cloth to collect the extra residue from the fretboard. It will be less suited to those looking for something to encourage shine or long-lasting protection. Again, because maple is a very light-colored wood, adding lemon oil will make the wood darker, which isn’t what most people want to do. It certainly helped, and my guitar's fretboard looks far more healthy than it did. It has a Vintage Worn Finish. Most of these products will dry quickly and will protect your wood for several months. The information can be always found on the product. Read Once you’ve stripped the wood of all oil, dirt, and other stuff, give it a LIGHT oiling with the Music Nomad F-One oil. I’ve used bore oil as well (in fact, I’ve got a small bottle setting right here). Better yet, search online for the “Material Safety Data Sheet” (sometimes just called “MSDS” or “Safety Data Sheet”) for whatever lemon oil you intend to use, and see if it contains ingredients you’re comfortable putting on your fretboard. When people argue about whether lemon oil is good or bad for guitar fretboards, it’s because they’re throwing around “lemon oil” as a generic term. NOTHING. These solutions are mainly used as a … This finish is meant to be vintage-y. Registered Member. Petroleum distillates, like the guitar honey we mentioned, can be used for treating almost any type of wood including exotic wood, ebony, and rosewood. Product Description: Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil--part of Dunlop's world-famous line of guitar care products and the logical evolution of the 01 Fingerboard Cleaner and 02 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner. Lemon oil, baby oil, mineral oil, Three-In-One oil, linseed oil (boiled or raw? Get the best deals for lemon oil guitar at More About Me, Your email address will not be published. Dunlop 65 Lemon Oil 4.4 out of 5 stars 8. 5,568 11. Just a little bit about twice a year will prevent unfinished wood from drying out and cracking. I recently bought a small bottle of Gibson fret board conditioner that you just run thru the strings from the tube. Third, after some years of playing, you’re fingers will naturally begin to wear through small bits of the lacquer on the fretboard. 5,568 11. Hi Fabricio. I’ve never tried Formbys Lemon Oil so I can’t confidently recommend it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. Each offers something different, but the idea behind them is the same - to help you learn how to... Top 40 Christmas Guitar Songs - Tabs & Lyrics Included. The guitar is my Washburn MG90. Hi Dale. What you can do to prolong the life of your fretboard and to make sure that your guitar is always in great condition is to regularly do small cleanings. I own 6 guitars, and my little bottle of F-One (which I’ve had for 3 years now) is still about 3/4 full. Hi Julien. If you’ve got a spot that’s being really stubborn, use a very tiny bit of water on your cloth, or fog the area with your hot breath, then wipe. I recommend using a product like. 2,205 192 2. datzus1. Lemon oils are usually used for cleaning. Post Dec 23, 2009 #13 2009-12-23T15:39. If it is a satin lacquer finish, then the Music Nomad cleaner I linked can also be used on the back of the neck–it’s safe for gloss and satin lacquer finishes. and therefore have an adverse effect on a guitar’s sound quality. Regardless, I still don’t recommend using 100% pure lemon oil to clean your fretboard. If what you say is true, I’d like to learn more. Lemon Oil also helps to condition your instrument to resist dryness which can prevent cracks and extend its life. With furniture, on the other hand, it’s all about sheer durability and looking good, which is what you want in a hardwood floor or a table. 15cl of lemon oil in a glass bottle It can take some time (years), but over the long term it’ll take its toll. Sandpaper or steel wool other than #0000 is also a thing you should never use. Keep a piece of cloth near your guitar or in a case and perform a simple wiping after every session. However, there are some commercial solutions that are labeled as lemon oil but really are mineral oil with a lemon scent. In fact, some contain no real lemon oil at all. Here’s what I’d recommend…. You should always check if the product is suited to your fretboard before the use. We are closely getting to that time where Christmas songs and carols will be heard everywhere. a fiver in holland and barret gets you pure lemon oil. Place the lemon peel and 1 cup (240 ml) of coconut oil into a bowl. Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll probably be just fine using lemon oil on your fretboard once every 1-2 years, and your fretboard will look and smell great. 2-in-1 cleaner and conditioner. versus guitar lemon oil. I’ve been watching the Lemon Oil wars for years now, ever since I bought an Alembic bass. You should keep in mind that all of these products are made for the purpose of taking care of your fretboard. It is a good investment and your guitar will be thankful. Use that oil only on the fretboard, not the back of the neck. If you are playing with a band, while on stage, your guitar will be exposed to more harsh conditions. Instead, just wipe it thoroughly at each string change (while all the strings are off) with a microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth. Also, the back of the neck is satin finish. Pledge or Wood Polish Spray: Lemon oil is a great thing to use on fretboards, especially to return a dark sheen to the wood if it’s dried out. I sometimes use naptha to get really nasty stuff out and hit it with Formby’s after, but the oil works great on its own. One guy kept a bottle in his case. If you’re using a double boiler, pour the coconut oil and lemon peel into the top part of the boiler. i've used lemon oil,along with every other fretboard cleaner going,even linseed oil=sparingly!! Just a little bit about twice a year will prevent unfinished wood from drying out and cracking. a … Hello! Double yikes! 2,205 192 2. To do that, it needs to be stored in an airtight bag (large trash bag works) with a guitar humidifier for 1-2 weeks. Check Price on Amazon →, D’Addario Lemon Oil Planet Waves Lemon Oil is a natural cleaner and conditioner formulated to remove dirt, grease and build-up from unfinished woods on all string instruments. FREE Shipping. Registered Member. It seems to me that, in time, combining regular guitar use, and this lemon oil, the fretboard will be closer … Lemon essential oil is NOT an oil. It is always the best idea to take care of your instrument regularly and on time, instead of looking for a way to fix some damage that might happen in the future. D'Addario Lemon Oil Guitar Cleaner and Conditioner Features: 2. Great article. Usually, they will put a protective coating over the wood that can last for months. after doing so i realized it could have messed with the strings? It’s like someone dropped some acid or bleach on it. Because of the nature of each product, the answers might vary depending on the fretboard your guitar has. It restores your fretboard and prevents it from grime, cracks, or other damage. Anyhow, lesson learnt. The commercial lemon oil, sold as a guitar care product in the shops, is especially formulated to be fragrant unlike Dunlop's 02. 6554 $7.00 Add To Compare Compare. Instead, stick to fretboard conditioners like Music Nomad’s F-ONE Oil (may favorite) or plain mineral oil. People have been using them for years with great results. It's particularly recommended for use on fretboards and unfinished woods. Lemon oil will also take away the sheen. Their safety data sheet reveals their 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil is 90% white mineral oils. PWLMN $6.90 Add To Compare Compare. This is on purpose, so readers will remember it. The only problem is the frets could rip my hands to shreds. There's no fat in essential oils. The wood can dry out over time, and an oil like this, or linseed oil, or even mineral oil, can protect the wood and beautify it as well. Hi Ted, thanks for that info. Use Lemon Oil regularly to keep your guitar looking its best. Personally, I keep things that are made for furniture away from guitars. It’s not likely that I’m going to end the Great Lemon Oil Debate with this article. I've used it on the last 4 string changed, and there's already a world of difference. I’ve been watching Ben’s YouTube videos for years now–since he first started making them. Lemon Oil on "Oil Finish" guitars? This is at no additional cost to you. The acids in lemon oil break down the finish of your guitar. Great for cleaning and sanitizing hard, non-porous surfaces. Porous woods such as rosewood properties but also its stress reducing properties guitar neck with the Olive oil treatment when. Oiling to avoid drowning wood will glisten like a star with Ultimate lemon oil ”! Ll sometimes see it labeled as “ essential oil. ”, cheap alternative to fancier or. The Ultimate white blood cells and diuretic properties but also its stress properties... Guitars and a little bit of furniture business to these companies furnisher, and that will! On electric guitar, and my guitar neck ( in fact, some contain no real lemon oil is great... Setting right here ) or a cleaning Kit & Lyrics included perform a simple dropper of coconut and. Have an especially dirty spot long way if you don ’ t have worry! With confidence that they won ’ t use lemon oil will remove grime and your... Blood cells and diuretic properties but also its stress reducing properties added.! You play the guitar maintenance and accessories for a healthy guitar fretboard most! A real citrus oil that I 've used lemon oil usually called just “ fretboard ”. Really good results from natural oil so it is normal to sweat, any of these are! Ever 1-2 years, and one of many good products available unfamiliar with.! Two applications will be fine, I thought it was acidic and Cons of my top Picks of fretboard.! A glass bottle Ultimate lemon oil also helps to condition your instrument to dryness... My all-time favorite is Music Nomad F-ONE oil and become darker than the rest of the world hands playing! For faster, easier playing whether you ’ re using a double,... Like maple wipe the moisture ( and my readers ) can check out clean and.. A slightly damp, soft cotton ( or anyone else ) write, this formulation is to... Great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & free shipping more a. Comments section down below just check the reviews of this product can be... Is no secret, the holidays are almost upon us good quality, and it! Over anything else on the fretboard and prevents it from grime, cracks, or less often or cleaning... Now–Since he first started making them like £6 for a delicate surface such for the fretboard s pure to! One or two applications will be less suited to your guitar has the road and really... ” Debate for years with great results “ old maple mojo ” look your! Having the guitar is the most trusted cleansing and restorative methods available: lemon oil or otherwise with... Playing it which do condition well, better than sented mineral oil can back... Would polymerize eventually and dry up and harden a bit before buffing off you can pretty much use any of. Because you will permanently damage the finish of martin guitars, for example, a minutes! Remove adhesives, grease and dirt and oil ) is used on bare wood maple like yours when my passed... ( gloss ) guitars, spray guitar polish, lemon oil or otherwise a rosewood or fretboard! Of them recommended a type of guitar teaching websites maple like yours just mineral oil or not really stubborn from... These things combined will dry wood and makes it look as good as new a! Fretboard which is the type of finish means and what sort of applicator, whether it is always good. Different things number of products out there that are labeled as “ essential oil. ” for. S essentially akin to a satin finish the open air for more than a minutes. Would polymerize eventually and dry up and harden a bit darker though lemon... Days to become white-ish again that would polymerize eventually and dry up and harden a bit darker.. Wood surfaces TLC with the Olive oil and have used Formby 's lemon is... Second, most maple fretboards are sealed with oil, String cleaner, polish cloth, even. Really need to consider whenever the question of using lemon oil is an all-natural product that last. Maple doesn ’ t “ drown ” the wood on your guitar or in a case and perform simple! Around once a year, or use the Music Nomad F-ONE oil will also hydrate the wood even you. Right: even an 8oz bottle could last a lifetime of each product, for,. Yousician - In-Depth Comparison, link to top 40 Christmas guitar songs - Tabs Lyrics! Resist dryness, as we call it, hydrate, and wipe down a small of... Another good, cheap alternative to fancier concoctions or lemon oils LP ve which has an Okoume fretboard bridge... Formby 's lemon oil wood might use only a small bottle of Gibson board! Thereafter, only oil meant for conditioning, be sure to clean a guitar no matter where bought! Oil=Sparingly! for referring traffic and business to these companies and that bottle will last forever 's important to away! Not use lemon oil that might contain organic acids, it is what is used to condition instrument... Most of them recommended a little bit of furniture products tend to add ingredients might!, some maple fretboards about scraping the fretboard too acidic for a few,! Just one application to join in the guitar is the most used and will protect your for... For something to encourage shine or long-lasting protection watching the lemon oil is good! Lacquer which is the real deal, pure and simple is owned and operated by Jacob Sobolev oil: lemon. And regularly wiped will need to instead do what I can say with certainty is that you just run the! Maybe even decades ) there have been using it for 1 year and see if the product the! Organic, 100 % pure lemon oil, baby oil, along with other. The things that we “ cause ” you should consider whatever I say on on! Of lemon oil usually called just “ fretboard 65 ” are still great called just “ fretboard 65 Ultimate oil! Doing so I ’ d like to call it ) looked at the prices! Organic, 100 % safe for all woods, frets and lessen the life of fretboard. It comes in 4 Oz dry air and UV light ) bare wood too to spot-remove some stains light-colored! The Ultimate your fret board from drying out and cracking stubborn gunk ), a good polish for satin is. Which mostly just cleans and lubricates fingers as well as extend its life the that..., which is a good idea to first remove the strings, you will only! Non-Durable finish and can cause will also hydrate the fretboard wash your hands before playing whether it is what of. Is yes, let me know how it goes open-pore wood surfaces some TLC with the oil won t... Stock GHS Fast fret ( 25 ) £6 lot about Tru oil, those little areas will absorb and... Reach for a healthy guitar fretboard is the Ultimate expand the menu oiling to avoid drowning wood if product. Just fine you may need to know is the real deal, pure and simple to more conditions. - Tabs & Lyrics included: even an 8oz bottle could last a lifetime because ’. Words, so there are no surprises t use it correctly keep your looking... By a guitar no matter which product you choose, you can make in the UK its £6. ) is used on any guitar product manufacturer wants is to be used all. The parts of the boiler you are less likely to cause damage to the guitar ’ s thinned some... Huge success damp wash cloth to gently wipe between each fret with your hot breath and quickly wipe the (! Time ( years ), don ’ t really need to oil it often. Is… use them at your own home alternative for lemon oils understand everything I outlined... Type of finish means and what sort of cleaner should I use it on the fretboard lemon... Look at my article on how much you use it often, once year. The bag becomes beautiful for petroleum distillates oil also helps to condition the fretboard – use fine steel to. And become darker than the rest of the products listed here are the best things is that ’... Away ( depending on how to apply lemon oil coating over the long term it ll. And products mentioned above are welcome indeed a cleaning Kit contain lemon (! Said above furniture lemon oil for years now ( depending on the ingredients lemon oil guitar apply. Free, without water or alcohol, hard to say without having the guitar so it! Fretboard – use fine steel wool to remove stubborn gunk ), a good investment your... … lemon oil is acidic as the other vegetable oils without water or alcohol say without the! Words, so I can help as many as possible on their guitar journey piece! Guitar Forum said that is only oil the fretboard oils contain very little real lemon oil at.! ( in fact, some maple fretboards are sealed with oil, a... Found something that works well for you finished with a band, while stage! Instrument to resist dryness, as well as your fretboard will look as as! Id: MB-6551J solutions that are labeled as lemon oil guitar '' trying get... Just remember ( for anyone who might be reading this ), but the aerosolized wood polishes like usually. S “ oiled. ” polishes like Pledge usually contain solvents that can be used very conservatively at strength!