The other thing in this setting page is your FONT SIZE! Re: FFXI UI [Icons & Font] The FFXI windower forums should have the latest versions in the DAT section. Buy Manuscript XIV Century font from Intellecta Design on I think anytime someone switches over to a new UI there is a fine balance between what they will get used to over time, and things that should be changed. That's where I got mine from the last update at least (havn't updated FFXI yet so I can't speak from experience this time) Rather than the old clunky color codes, Ashita v3 now uses the same formats as other popular triple-A titles use. In the case of hotbars, you can also change their orientation. Font size. A higher font size makes it easier for your brain to process the words scrolling past almost subconsciously. It is also a lightweight FFXIV fishing and automation bot with some particular features. We have added support for responsive font sizes. Submit a font Tools . PC (players), NPCs, Monsters, Gathering, Other Show (at all). We have changed 1,545 files with 36,461 additions and 20,237 deletions. Meiryo is a very versatile modern sans serif type designed to give an exceptionally clean … Hotbar Settings Adjust various settings for the hotbar.