Zone: Size at maturity (height x width): 40inches x 40 inches #5 - $45 Photos: Photo 1, Populus x canescens 'Tower' Pollinate with 'Polar Jewel' Summer. Some are new varieties and Price: If you miss planting season for your zone, there’s no need to fret! These are not the only plants that members have growing in their gardens and over time we will be adding to the list and photographs. All of these cherries are bigger, redder and sweeter than Michigan pie cherries. Photo 3, Betula pendula 'Laciniata' Weeping Cutleef Attractive silvery blue foliage. Zone: Size at maturity (height x width): HT 6' SP 6' Plum trees can be grown in Alaska, but some winters the plum tree is not as cold hardy as cherry trees or apple trees. Photo 1, Malus 'Parkland' (Apple) Size at maturity (height x width): 40' by 10' Photo 2, Spiraea japonica 'Gold Mound' Price: Hardy even in the brutal conditions of USDA Zone 1, the Alaska poppy (Papaver alaskanum) grows 6 to 12 inches high. #10 Clump - $$175 , #10 - $168 The Royal Horticultural Society have given it their prestigious Award of Garden Merit. Azalea Alaska 1.5L Purchase Online All online orders are for delivery throughout New Zealand only, prices may vary between the online store and physical store locations. This deciduous shrub is a showstopper in the fall garden, it’s one of the first to change and turns a beautiful orange-red. Prune after flowering to maintanin size and shape as needed. Photos: #7 - $139 Price: Price: Pinky Orange colour Rose Bush.This is a very beautiful colour A Hardy Shrub/bush. #7 - $155 Prefers well-drained soil. #5 - $$50 Price: #2 - $30 Size at maturity (height x width): 50' x20' 2 pre-order perennials, shrubs and trees. Photo 3 English laurel is hardy in USDA zones 6 through 9, thriving in full to partial sunlight. This will grow 2m x 2m. Size at maturity (height x width): HT 40" X SP 40" Photos: Photo 1 ... Hardy Shrubs. A choice cultivar is 'Benenden Blue', a semiprostrate shrub that grows to three feet tall, with a curious growth habit: its initially erect branches arch, then begin to … Size at maturity (height x width): 16' -18' by 12 Price: Zone: #5 - $54 Price: #2 - $37.00 Price: This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Photos: Photo 1, Pinus contorta latifolia (Lodgepole pine) Price: Profuse yellow flowers 99. #10 - $165 Zone: Use for small landscapes, screens, and vertical accent. 1. Fast-growing shrubs are a great choice for homeowners seeking quick privacy hedges.For that matter, homeowners simply hoping to enjoy stand-alone specimen bushes sometime in the not-too-distant future will also be 'Romeo' Romeo Cherry The hardy shrub is a drought-resistant plant and can grow in most conditions. The red fruits are between 0.15” and 0.39” (4 – 10 mm) wide. Photo 2, Lonicera caerulea kamtschatica 'Polar Jewel' (Haskap berry) Clusters of cream-white blooms in summer turn to white-blue ornamental berries by mid-summer. Price: Heather - Calluna vulgaris - 1000 Seeds - Hardy Shrub - Wildflower | Garden & Patio, Plants, Seeds & Bulbs, Seeds & Bulbs | eBay! After a bit of research, I have made available some new species that Small, sweetly scented blooms in late spring are very attractive to bees. Bright green foliage. Photo 4, Cotoneaster lucidus (Peking Cotoneaster) Price: A narrow, columnar poplar. climates. Zone: Prefers moist, slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Sweet, late season fruit, orange fall foliage. There are seriously hundreds to choose from, and red twig dogwood is one of the best (look for the botanical name Cornus sericea). If you need a larger quantity of plants, or see plants you can't live without, you can pre-order perennials, shrubs and trees. Zone: Zone: Deep green foliage with a silvery underside that turns orange-red in autumn. Photo 1 2 Photos: Photo 1 Photos: Photo 1 Dwarf Burning Bush Tree- 3 Year Old- 6-12" Tall 4" Pot Hardy Shrub (Euonymus Alatus)- Garden Tree 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $19.99 $ 19. some trees and shrubs that we have not carried before. There are a number of shrub and tree species that are fast growing. See more ideas about shrubs, plants, planting flowers. A heavy blanket of fragrant white blooms, from distinctive pink buds, cover this oval to round tree in mid-spring. Full sun. Photos: #5 - $99.00 Copyright © 2011. #5 - $90.00 We hope to let you know more Very stiff, regular, horizontal branches forming a broad pyramid. Azaleas require moist well drained, acidic soil, they grow best in light shade and require minimal pruning. Lrg. Sitka alder may be codominant. Alaska Hardy Roses I was told that only ‘Sitka’ or rugosa roses would grow up here in southcentral Alaska. Needles shed in fall but attractive cones stay on tree all winter. Because of the large selection of trees and shrubs we have this year, Dwarf Birch is a deciduous, low and spreading shrub. Dark blue, cylindrical fruits start in early summer and remain until 3rd week of Aug. Best when hand picked. Price: Garden Shrubs Shrubs are the backbone of any garden. Tolerates a wide variety of soil types and light shade. Size at maturity (height x width): 40" x 40" Grow giant bird of paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) to add drama to your garden. Zone: Lightly fragrant. - $ Photos: Photo 1, Amelanchier alnifolia 'Northline' (Saskatoon) #5 - $54.00 2 2 Size at maturity (height x width): 13' H x 13' W Neat, compact, low maintenance form. These are well rooted, multi-stem in a 4" pot. Size at maturity (height x width): HT 5' SP 42" Clustered white flowers in spring. Zone: 3 Shrub roses. Beautiful yellow fall foliage. #5 - $45 , #2 - $32 3 Harvest when flesh is red. Photo 2, Prunus nigra 'Princess Kay' 2 Excellent pollinator for Borealis, Tundra or Indigo Haskaps. Email - [email protected] us or leave a voice message on the phone 907-235-4969. Border, mass or specimen shrub. These are excellent and add color to your landscaping also they make a great hedge. Compact, nest-like form with slow growing, dense, short blue-green needles. 10 Hardy Shrubs You Can’t Kill. Size at maturity (height x width): 10ft H x 5ft W What Makes A Hardy Shrub? Don’t want to stare at that ugly block wall next door? Native, fast growing. Suitable for containers or growing in the ground. Zone: Dec 17, 2019 - Explore Loi Ricker's board "Alaska hardy shrubs", followed by 124 people on Pinterest. Great low maintenance border, accent, stone wall or rock garden plant. Photos: Zone: 2 Use for borders, specimen or mass planting. Pollinate with 'Borealis' or 'Indigo Gem'. Requires adequate drainage. Photos: Photo 1, Potentilla frut. Photo 2, Forsythia ovata 'Northern Gold' Customers who bought this item also bought. 3 Spring and summer soft green needles turn golden yellow in fall. 2 2 Prefers dry soil. FREE Shipping. Upright, very symmetrical evergreen conifer. Price: Hardy shrub with brilliant red stems which are striking in winter. Low maintenance requiring no trimming. Requires moist, well-drained soil. #2 - $46.00 Please go on over to designers, so the availability may change. Discover easy-to-grow shrub varieties and get planting tips to help them thrive from experts at HGTV Gardens. Our 2020 plant list is now up on the website! Acidic soils. Ball shaped clusters of double white blooms. Shrubs are also hardy because they need very little watering or pruning and they grow extremely slowly. Rich, red tubular blooms hold color well in spring and again in late summer. A selected very hardy form of this medium sized evergreen shrub from the Far East made at the JC Raulston arboretum, North Carolina. Steve's favorite. Hope for Humanity—one of the Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Zone: // --> Photos: Photo 1 Photo 1 Size at maturity (height x width): HT 50' SP 20' have beautiful foliage. BOTANICAL NAME INDEX: COMMON NAME INDEX: Deciduous Trees : Deciduous Trees: Evergreen Trees : Evergreen Trees: Deciduous Shrubs Graceful, large shrub with slender branches Young plants are single white maturing to double. A.K.A. Price: Self fertile. tundra is perhaps the most familiar and welcome vegetation type to hikers in the Alaska Range, because it is very common and it usually affords solid footing, dry feet and fast traveling. I’m not one to listen when someone tells me, “You can’t do that!” so decided to experiment. Size at maturity (height x width): HT 40" X SP 40" Photo 3, Populus tremuloides (Quaking or Trembling Aspen) Rapidly growing, hardy, seedless and disease resistant. 2 I hope you will experiment with us so we Price: Narrow ornamental plum with fluffy, double, snow-white spring blossoms appearing before foliage. 'Pink Beauty' 2 Price: #5 - $89 , #10 - $139 2 The fruit easily approaches a Brix rating of 16 to 22%, but still contains the citric acid than makes them �tart� or �sour� cherries. Dwarf shrubs are hardy perennials are the dominant component of many tundra types found in the park, particularly in some areas of late-lying snow in saddles and protected slopes. Compact contrast, foundation or border plant. Zone: document.write('E-mail:' + '' + ' ' + name + '@' + domain); Plant it in a border or where you can enjoy its scented flowers. Big sweet bright red translucent fruit. 3 #20 - $$375 #5 - $59 Small yellow-red ornamental fruit in summer followed by yellow-orange fall foliage accenting dark bark. Zone: We grow the fruit and berries used in the production of our handcrafted wines and jams. Price: Size at maturity (height x width): HT 20' SP 16' Price: Size at maturity (height x width): 20' x 16' Fritz Creek Gardens3800 Sterling Hwy., Homer, AK 99603Phone: (907) 235-4969Fax: (907) 782-4213